Wehba Work Ethic

From Humble Beginnings

Susan Wehba’’s passion is teaching the youth how to live their lives based in faith. Each decision made is a choice to do good or to not do good. The call to service for Christians is to work hard, learn, become a mentor and to take care of others.

Fred Wehba wants to teach our future faith leaders how to become entrepreneurs. Creating meaningful opportunities for people is a very important step to growing an vibrant and healthy community. As an Eagle Scout, Mr. Wehba learning life skills that he still uses today.

Together, Fred and Susan founded the Wehba Foundation to match resources with youth with solid ethics and moral actions. It is important to lift up Christian communities.

Being Rewarded with a Solid Faith-Based Work Ethic

Ethics are principles (based in good morals) that guide the conduct of an individual. Fred learned about the importance of hard work while working in the grocery store that his Lebanese-immigrant father owned in Crowell, Texas. After Fred married Susan, they taught their first born son, C. Fredrick Wehba Jr., the importance of doing good works.

Here are important steps to working healthy:

  • Learning how to maintain the right attitude.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Remember their names.
  • Smile to increase positivity.
  • Be patient.
  • Love all people.
  • Encourage feedback.
  • Take constructive criticism with grace.
  • Maintain that grade under fire.
  • Forgive people who are rude.
  • Take money earned and give to others in need,
  • Do your work with all your heart working for the Lord.
  • Stay diligent while avoiding laziness.
  • Provide for members of your family.
  • Eradicate poverty.
  • End hunger in your community.
  • Meet your deadlines.
  • Avoid surrender as persistence pays off.
  • Help others with your gifts.

Fred Wehba is ready to help youth with learning strong work ethics.

Promoting Education

Mrs. Wehba is very focused on educating youth with the ability to teach others to walk in the path of Jesus Christ. Education comes from entertainment that teaches a good moral code.

  • Grow your personality.
  • Find peers that want to learn.
  • Ask questions.
  • Seek out elders that can answer your questions.
  • Learn important customs of your community.
  • Learn how to learn on your own.
  • Look for solutions to challenges.
  • Plan for emergencies.
  • Learn how to care for yourself.
  • Learn skills that helps others.

Good people are the most respected in communities. It is important to gather in groups to learn new things. It is also a good idea to pray and ask for guidance so that you get the most out of learning.

Being a Mentor for Young People and Entrepreneurs

Mr. Wehba is passionate about teaching others how to become community leaders that can actually get things done. One great way to gather resources for your community is to become an entrepreneur and to mentor others.

  • Lead by example.
  • Walk the walk.
  • Be a leader.
  • Don’t not participate in negative actions.
  • Don’t cheat others or yourself.
  • Intervene in unnecessary bullying.
  • Be respectful and honorable.
  • Keep your word.
  • Be humble.
  • Reach out to others.
  • Show integrity.
  • Lead with seriousness.

Passing on skills and passion for doing good works for Jesus Christ is a huge benefit to the community.

Mentors Teach Ethics and Good Works

Both Fred and Susan Wehba are focused on moral purpose and ethical conduct. Business can intersect with Christian principals, and the Wehba Foundation is committed to uplifting community leaders. Future generations are needing to be shaped and molded to being strong leaders. Honoring Christ through charitable giving is very important to the Wehba Family.