Wehba Family

From Humble Beginnings

When people think of professional and successful women in L.A., there is a certain image that comes to mind. Susan Wehba breaks all the stereotypes.

Mrs. Wehba leads with love and service to others. She loves God, her family and her community. Susan seeks out projects that are spreading goodwill among others.

Leadership that is grounded in faith is an open hand to those who are in need.

As an event planner, Mrs. Wehba has had many unique opportunities to host fundraising events and to be a leader for small groups. Her passion for matching resources to community-uplifting projects inspired by faith is her calling.

When she looks back on her life, she can see all the good works she has initiated. Each project is watered like a seedling and cared for until that organization is thriving. The giving tree that bears fruit nourishes the community and inspires more project seedlings.

A Bit of Background

In 1969 (almost 50 years ago), Susan married C. Frederick Wehba and raised 4 children who love the glory of God. Her capacity for nurturing uplifted her family to a status of benefactors for many great works.

Susan has a particular passion for education. She believes that youth that are taught to demonstrate good ethics and moral behavior will have successful lives. God is good to those who are good to his divine creations.

Her family moved to Los Angeles in 1989. Once established in the community by 1993, Susan, Fred, their first-born son (C. Frederick Wehba Jr.) and other family started BentleyForbes.

Susan launched the Wehba Foundation and is the current co-founder of this philanthropic organization. With decades of active and successful service, she builds upon her network of Christian fellows to be a force multiplier for good works.

With the backing of the Wehba foundation, Susan co-founded “The ASCEND Conference for Remarkable Women” in 2012. Susan has helped many others within the faith community.

Susan has also served on the boards of:

  • Young Musicians Foundation
  • Associates for Breast Cancer Studies
  • Sonace
  • In Christ Church

Pat Boone

Pat Boone is a terrific story-teller. His ability to take people from despair to hope is phenomenal. Susan and Fred decided to work together with Pat Boone to spread the message that God’s blessings are real.

Susan and Fred created a video series with Pat Boone to educate others on the core planks of proper Christian teachings. Her grace and calmness sway the heart of those who are eager to help humanity.

God Mends Broken Hearts

Susan has lived a lifetime of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. She has been blessed with the ability to help others in their worst times when hearts are broken and hope is fading.

Susan lifts up the youth via education and benefits her community with resources via The Wehba Foundation. Great love is built upon great works. Diligent hands work hard to bring an end to needless poverty.