Wehba Mansion Design

It Began With a Concept

The Wehba Mansion located on the Sunset Strip in Bel Air CA is still one of the most notable properties in the Unites States and is well known for its French adornment and breath-taking rooms. At 36,000 square feet the Wehba Mansion is known as  the “centerpiece of Beverly Hills”.

The property has 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and over 100 imported-Italian, light fixtures nestled in a 2-acre manicured layout. C. Frederick Wehba designed what he considered to be the definition of style. Opulence was not the goal, craftsmanship and quality were more a factor. Driving up the community home values by improving the collective in a legendary yet aging community was an added bonus.



Contiguous Balance

In the Grand Foyer, huge columns of marble frame 2 symmetrical stair cases that gently curve to the second floor. The white marble gleams with hints of black, gray and gold as accents. The black onyx table also gleams.

When following the stairs up with your eyes, the custom-made chandelier comes into view. Looking up to the ceiling, there is a skylight with rich azure accents that resembles a compass.

Entertaining Guest Areas

Music from the grand piano situated in the corner of this grand area flows evenly due to the acoustic response. The gold accents with pink, yellow and gray furnishings make this room brings inspiration to your guests.

Hours of reading can take place in this study room that also functions as a library. There are many places to sit in this room for more intense study at a desk or relaxed reading on a comfy chair.

If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate space to chat with your guests, this parlor room is the perfect spot. With plenty of natural sunlight coming through the huge windows, this room will make guests feel at ease.

The family dining room is a cozy place to sit down and have a gentle prayer before dinner. The round table allows for family members to be able to meet in a less formal setting.

For larger parties, the formal dining room is the perfect place to entertain guests. Gold and red really pop in this room. Eating here will make you feel like French royalty.