The Future

Strong Faith Creates a Bright Future

Younger generations face growing challenges in openly practicing their Christian faith. In the current business climate, businesses may avoid expression of Christian principles because they fear discrimination litigation. In this age of diversity, they may reason it best to avoid conflict among people of differing belief systems. Thus, Christian expression is suppressed. What has gotten us here?

Fred and Susan Wehba believe that part of the problem is that our country’s youth are growing up in families where no expression of Christian faith is taught. Moreover, many families are not connected to a local fellowship of believers where foundational Christian principles are supplied.

Foundations are important. When foundations are not present and practiced, families are in greater danger of breakup. Breakups damage the family but, more importantly, tear at the very fabric of our society.

The Wehba family is dedicated to the idea that the youth are our future. While they know that our world is changing, they believe that strong Christian faith is the catalyst for building a bright future.

An Entrepreneurial Idea Based in Faith

The Wehba Foundation was formed in to order to utilize community action to incorporate faith-based mentoring for professionals. Our communities have much to gain when the critical needs of leaders are paired with the valuable resources the Wehba Foundation supplies.

Time spent with the future leaders within communities ensures that needed material resources and organizational concepts are furnished. The Wehba Foundation acts as an axis to allocate the resources necessary to build up today’s leaders in faith, who will then teach the next generation.

Ethics in Leadership

Fred and Susan are making a commitment to focus on academics that teach new generations of students how to keep their spirits on fire for community service. Students are learning why ethical conduct is an important ingredient for getting along with others.

Small businesses and non-profits benefit by having leaders with a strong commitment to core Christian values. Having patience, being trustworthy, and displaying cooperation are basic traits of an effective business organization. These qualities create good relationships for employees and customers. As a consequence, people tend to do business when businesses provide great customer service and follow though on commitments.

Growing the Next Generation of Faith Leaders

The Wehba Foundation, established because of Fred’s and Susan’s dedication to service to community, puts together material resources and opportunities to improve the faith-culture of the next generation. Christian priorities, such as kindness and cooperation, are at the core of the organization.

Students learn to demonstrate putting Christian priorities first in their lives so that they can lead with a moral purpose. Grounded with the ideals of Jesus Christ, the Wehbas provide many terrific strategies for youth to turn them into powerful leaders of tomorrow.

Cooperation and a commitment to kindness are at the center of serving the community with the greatest amount of meaning. With the commitment and assistance of Fred Wehba and his wife, Susan, the opportunities for community service through faith-based mentorships are growing.