C. Frederick Wehba and Susan Wehba

C. Frederick Wehba and Susan Wehba

The Wehba Foundation was started with Susan Wehba who had a true love for helping others in her community. Her husband, C. Fredrick Wehba, has a lot of experience in building up entrepreneurs.

Together “Fred” and Susan Wehba have been so successful (by the grace of God and hard work) that they were owners of many businesses. Their good works in real estate allowed them to own some of the most iconic properties, such as: the Watergate Hotel, Prudential Plaza, Bank of America Plaza and the Wehba Mansion.

They also operate the BentleyForbes which helps underwrite investments for Ford Motor Company, Thomson Consumer Electronics, the Scotts Company, and more. This means good jobs for good citizens to extend into their communities via altruism.

The Wehba Foundation (2016) puts together education, entrepreneurship and resources for young people. The goal is to help students succeed so they pay it forward.

Young people need a strong foundation based on Christian values. Broken homes, abuse, apathetic public schools and popular media traps our youth in hopelessness. Once people integrate core values of kindness, service and altruism, they succeed long term. Fred Wehba proclaimed that his “inner compass” allowed him to stay on track.

How to Develop Professionals of the Faith

Philanthropy is the passion of C. Frederick and Susan Wehba. It is their core mission to improve the world by raising up Christian values. The Wehba Foundation focuses on four main areas that create success for communities of faith:

  • Developing Professionals and Entrepreneurs with Christian-based life skills
  • Supporting Education Programs that teach Ethics and Goodwill towards others
  • Obtaining Non-Profit Real Estate to allow for Organizations of Faith to succeed faster
  • Investing in the formation of Church-Based Projects

Because Susan and Fred Wehba have been blessed with success and wisdom, they actively improve communities that will be the best force for good in their neighborhoods.

Being married for almost 50 years, Fred Wehba knows about commitment, moral purpose and the importance of encouraging his wife and kids to bring value to the community. By raising 4 children, the Wehba Family has experience with promoting ideals that strengthen the faith of Jesus Christ in youth to provide positive service to humanity.

The Value of Inspiring Hope

God has inspired C. Frederick Wehba and Susan Wehba to embark on this mission to honor the values they learned through faith to seed initiatives for future leaders. Inspiring others is God’s plan for humanity. The Wehba Foundation pushes forward initiatives that focus on this plan. Direct action is needed to spark fires of excellence.

You can catch the Fred and/or Susan at professional events leading by example, promoting charitable works and giving young Entrepreneurs hope that they can succeed. The Wehba Family is a testament to the value of honoring Christ and teaching the next generation to do the same. Kind acts of love reveal God’s Earthly presence.

The Wehba Foundation teaches that it is no secret that if your focus is to be a blessing to others that God will reward kindness with blessings in return. Blessings to you and yours.