Commercial Real Estate

C. Frederick Wehba is a leader in real estate investment.

He has acquired and sold some of the most iconic buildings in the United States. His passion for finding high-quality buildings and luxury resorts that are touted as best-of-class is only superseded by his faith in God and fellowship.

Below are brief descriptions of the properties that have made Fred Wehba a collector of destination markets.


Bank of America Plaza

Towering over the city of Atlanta, Georgia, the Bank of America Plaza is the sky-high building of the southeast. Being the tallest one, this plaza is easy to spot in the city’s skyline. This building comprised of 1.3 million square feet for awe-inspiring offices.

Four Seasons Golf Resort and Club

A luxury resort that provides exquisite entertainment opportunities is nestled in Los Colinas, Texas (near Dallas). 2 golf courses, 4 swimming pools and a sports club that is 176,000 square feet.

There is also 300+ guest rooms and 120+ Villa-style rooms available for short stays or branded condos for sales for longer stays. Game on.

Las Olas Centre

In between the palm trees of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Las Olas Centre is easy to identify. A unique architecture style showcase one side of the building with a smooth curve like the ring of Saturn.

This office complex is 469,000 square feet and would be a dream to work in. Being in Florida, the building is maintained at the best environmental temperature year round.

Medical Mutual

Located on a bustling intersection in Cleveland, Ohio, the Medical Mutual building is an iconic landmark.

This 10-story building is over 380,000 square feet. There is plenty of room for specialists to fill the office spaces.

Park Center

Is that an eagle landing? No. It is the Park Center located in Plano, Texas – just over 236,000 square feet of wonderful offices. Park Center can be found on the Dallas North Tollway.

A unique ting about this property is that there are covered parking spaces available to protect your car from unexpected hail storms.

Preston Commons

Located in Dallas, Texas, Preston Commons is a complex that contains 3 huge buildings. The color on the outside of the building is almost a graphite gray which makes this building stand out from the others.

Luxury offices are available in this 419,000 square foot complex. There are stations for getting your shoes shined and stations to charge your electric vehicles. On-site car wash, deli and fitness center incentives businesses to lease office space here.

Prudential Plaza

Prudential Plaza contains 2 buildings nestled between the Smurfit-Stone Building (with diamond-shaped slanted roof) and the very tall Aon Center that looks like a Jenga Puzzle in Chicago, Illinois. The IBM Plaza is also nearby.

There is 2.2 million square feet of integrated offices located on East Randolph Street.

Watergate Complex

The Watergate Complex is iconic in Washington DC. This complex provides year-round housing opportunities to staff that keep the capitol of the United States operating on 10 acres of land.

The Watergate Hotel is famous for guests while the Watergate Office Building is famous for the burglary that caused Nixon to resign. Watergate East, West and South are coop apartments.

Wehba Building

Where can you find the offices for the world-class BentleyForbes Real Estate Investment Corporation? In Los Angeles, California. The Wehba Building is modest compared to the trophy real estate properties; however, the views from this building are still spectacular.

Acquired and/or Sold 7.9 Million Square Feet

C. Frederick Wehba of Bentley Forbes Corporation got his start in commercial real estate investing with grocery stores in Oklahoma and Texas. Being that his father owned a grocery store that he worked in, it made sense to start with properties he knew about.